About Us

Rob Parsons

Rob first went to Georgia as a postgrad student over 30 years ago and speaks fluent Georgian.  He has written a doctoral dissertation on the origins of Georgian nationalism and has had a life-long love-affair with the Georgian people, wine, food and country.  He is currently chief foreign editor of the English channel of France 24 TV and lives in Paris.



Lawrence Sheets

Lawrence has lived in Georgia since the early 1990s, which he has used as a base for working throughout the region.  He has worked for Reuters, NPR (Moscow correspondent) and, most recently, International Crisis Group, as its bureau chief in Tbilisi.



David and Mel
David Chater and Melanie Anstey

Mel is co-director of Quince Media a production company producing drama and documentaries for international audiences. Her partner in life and business is David Chater.

After a lifetime as a foreign and war correspondent, David has founded Quince Media based out of Provence. In his spare time he makes red wine.



Zurab Kodalashvili

Zura comes originally from Iqalto, a small village not far from us, that was famous as a centre of learning in the Middle Ages.  Zura says it explains a lot about him! These days, though, he’s based in London.  In 1990 Zura set up Georgia’s first independent news agency and worked for many years as a cameraman and field producer for the BBC and a succession of other top TV networks, as well as a documentary filmmaker and a hostile environment trainer. More recently, he has moved into media management.


Bruno Beeckman

Bruno Beeckman fell in love with the human and scenic splendor of the Caucasus one beautiful spring morning in 1991 as he emerged from the conductor’s luggage compartment aboard the Adler-Tbilisi train – one day after visa procedures had been introduced. He then unwittingly proved fortunate enough to be invited at the right (magnificent) party at the right time in order to be included in this adventure. Bruno works as a freelance breaking news TV and Radio producer. He lives in Antwerp, Belgium.


Chris Clark

Chris Clark was bowled over by the food and wine on his first visit to Georgia in the mid-nineties. After 35 years as a television journalist, he plans to devote more time to the delights of the Georgian table.  He lives in Melbourne, Australia.



Charles Meynell

Charles Meynell is a former foreign affairs journalist who reported on Soviet and Russian developments in the 1980s and 1990s. Now a forester and horse riding school proprietor in the UK , he divides his time between London , Scotland and other parts of the UK – travelling to Georgia when possible. An amateur painter, keen wine drinker and wildlife naturalist, Georgia and Scotland are his two favourite countries.